Monday, March 21, 2011


It is a mistake to think that every room, located so small and uncomfortable, "good enough" for a kitchen. This is the room in which the waste most of their time, and should it one of the halls, the brightest and most comfortable in the house because the results of the different department relies heavily on the health and well-being of the family of those who participate in a workshop budget.


Every kitchen should windows on two sides of the room, and have the sun-free access through it, your windows from top to complete change of air, open to light and fresh air can be the main essence for success in all departments of the house. Good drainage should also be provided and the ventilation of the kitchen should be carefully considered more than a bedroom. The ventilation of the kitchen as well as many all gases and odors that permeate together with steam cooking and other cooking methods, in general, creating unhealthy to some extent a different part of the house removed.
There must be sufficient space for tables, chairs, stove, sink and storage space, but room should not require as large as many steps. No doubt, much of the dislike and neglect "homework" so often complained of unpleasant environment. If the kitchen is bright, airy and clean, and utensils are clean and clear, the work of the composition of foods that adorn the table and satisfy the appetite be a pleasant task.
There is desirable from the standpoint of health, the kitchen floor was insensitive to moisture, so that the concrete floors or tile floors are better than wood. Cleanliness is the great desideratum, and this is best by all the woodwork is not in and around the kitchen with polish, grease spots and causing substances penetrate into the wood, when to be polished coated achieved and can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
The elements of beauty can not fail in the kitchen. Beautiful pictures and articles are not appropriate, but a few pots of easily cultivated flowers on the windowsill or arranged standing on the window in winter, and a flower decorated box, like a flower with vines and flowers in summer will significantly brighten the room, and served thus the task of reaching those whose daily work in the confines of food aid.
Kitchen furniture.----------------------
The furniture for the kitchen should not be difficult and should be done, and dressed himself clean and easily accessible. lots of cabinets and everything will be granted for the benefit of the order for a particular purpose. Cupboards with sliding doors are much better than closets. They should be moved on wheels easily be taken if they are not only convenient, but admit more hygiene.
Cabinets used for storage of food should be well ventilated, otherwise they offer choice conditions for the development of fungi and bacteria. Mobile units can be ventilated through openings at the top and doors allow a very fine mesh, air cover, but to keep out flies and dust.
For ordinary kitchen uses, small tables of suitable height on easy rolling wheels and with zinc tops, are the most convenient and easy cleaning. It is so good that without drawers, which can be quickly taken to a heterogeneous mass of waste to be made. If you have a comfortable place to terms that are frequently required to establish a system similar to the one attached in the section on use may be kept very low cost. It can be arranged also an advantage for small shelves above and on the beach, on the various elements needed for cooking are preserved.
One of the most important equipment for a well-equipped kitchen has a sink, kitchen sink, but must be constructed and maintained according to when it is probably a source of great danger to the health of the people have the budget. This should be good, if possible, come up against the wall, so that free access to all parts of the possible reasons of cleanliness. Pipes and fittings shall be selected and installed by a qualified installer.
Much effort, the tubes must be clean and disinfected. Rejection of any kind should be banned. to find budget negligent and careless employees often leave bits of oily waste from the table on the way into the pipes. Drain pipes usually have a twist or fall, so that water does not contain the free flow of sediment, but the melted grease which often goes in the pipes with hot water, cooled and concentrated, which descends to the pipes to follow and gradually accumulating until the drain is clogged or the water through very slowly. A grease tube is the home for germs doubled.

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